Are you looking to renovate or Repair hotel bathrooms?

A busy hotel with lots of bathtubs and bathrooms, is not an easy task to maintain. Even with regular cleaning, a bathtub can easily loose it’s shine. Why bother for bath resurfacing when there is an alternative economical way to quickly renovate your hotel bathroom.

Contact us today for a free quote and see how you can save money with a product that comes with 10 years warranty. On top of it, the bathroom is ready in less than 3 hours! Perfect for a busy hotel or motel so that you don’t have to close the room for maintenance in a busy period!! Read about quick bathroom renovation on our website.

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Bathroom remodelling, Bath renovation or a new bath?

Getting confused between Bathroom enameling, installing a new bath, or trying a bath insert? No problems, simply checkout ourcomparison chart between bath enameling and bath insert. You will see more than dozen factors to consider, for example, warranty on the product, work time, use of chemicals, and most importantly high risk of problems like bath tub stains, or scratching!!

Before you make any decision to get your bathroom remodeling or renovation done, we recommend you to get an expert advice and save hundreds! This comparison chart between bath insert, bath enameling and a new bath will help you see pros and cons of each solution to help you make the right decision.

We would also advise to check the below before selecting your solution provider:

  • Check the credentials of the company
  • Ask for references of previous clients
  • Galleries of work done before
  • Budget outlines and estimation etc.

If you have any questions about the bath insert, please feel free tocontact us.