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A moulded acrylic bath specially designed to be fitted inside your old bath. Inner Bath comes in a range of shapes and sizes which will fit inside the most modern baths and even those up to 100 years old. Available in all major centres throughout Australia through a network of fully trained and appointed Distributors, Inner Bath has been widely acclaimed and is being used by

  • Local Authorities
  • State Housing Authorities
  • Department of Housing
  • Major Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Leading Hotel Groups
  • Renovators
  • Countless Households
  • And more

Looking to update your shower or like many have you got a Cracked Showerbase?? No problem with Inner Baths Non Slip Shower Insert. We are finding a massive increase in cracked shower bases in fairly new properties. This is due to a lack of support in your shower base causing movement and cracking. Our Process is as follows.

  1. STEP 1
    We take off your existing showerscreen, Backfill your existing base by filling the cavity, this gives us a solid foundation.
  2. STEP 2
    Then we custom fit a brand new non slip shower insert to your tiles and connect your waste ( same process as our bath insert, see video on home Page ).
  3. STEP3
    Then we refit your existing shower screen. This is a 3-4 hour process that will leave your shower solid with no demolition to your bathroom. Giving you peace of mind with minimal down time.
Inner Bath’s commitment to the environment is as important to us as it is to you. Rather than increasing land fill by removing and throwing away your old bath, replacing tiling and plumbing, Inner Bath’s proven system has been especially designed to reduce land fill by providing you with a simple product which slips over your old bath regardless if it‘s rusted through or damaged. Also we don’t spray nasty chemicals near plumbing outlets.

Your new bath is fitted to your old bath with a layer of our two part polyurethane expander foam, which insulates your bath keeping your bath water warmer for longer, no need for hot water top ups. Inner Bath recycles all of our off cuts of our ABS acrylic. By granulating the ABS it is used by injection molders who then melt it down and make many things from car interiors all the way down to kids toys.


Rejuvenate your Bathroom with Bath Insert and Bath Liners. Bath Insert is one of the economical, quicker and reliable way of Bathroom renovation. Bath Liners can be installed and ready to use in less than 3 hours transforming your bathroom without the cost and hassle of Bathtub replacement. With a 10 year Factory guarantee and a wide range of shapes and sizes available, it easily fits in any bathroom. By using the existing bath as a foundation, Inner Bath can rejuvenate any bathroom with highest quality results and professional service. We are proud to have Australia’s leading hotels, Real estate agents, & Hospitals as well as Private individuals in our Client list.

Inner Bath’s acrylic range is preferred for its durable and high-gloss, that will continue to look as beautiful as installed for years. No nasty chemicals and fumes are used in the Bath Insert process and it is a lot cheaper than pulling out your old bath and fitting a new one. If you want to save money on bathroom remodeling; bath liners or shower liners are are the alternatives to look for.

Inner Bath is the fastest growing company for bath Insert, Bath Liners and Shower liners in Melbourne servicing thoughout Victoria and Australia. Keep your bathroom at its best with this easy to use acrylic bath that fits into your existing bath with no disruption to your bathroom interiors, and no hassles of Bath Replacement.

Contact Inner Bath for the obligation free quote for Bath Liners, Shower Liners, and skip the process of Bath Resurfacing!


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  • High gloss acrylic finish
  • 10 year guarantee

  • Seamless construction
  • No toxic fumes

  • Useable the same day
  • No extra plumbing or tiling cost

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