Survey results prove Rubber Ducks prefer Inner Bath bath tub inserts and shower liners

Four out of five rubber ducks prefer Inner Bath bath tub liners!

A recent survey of rubber ducks throughout Australia shows an unprecedented increase in the popularity of Inner Bath bath tub liners. According to interviews, rubber ducks unanimously agreed that Inner Bath bath tub liners are the best alternative to old, ugly bath tubs.

Inner Bath bath tubs are an extra strong ABS Acrylic bath tub custom manufactured right here in Australia to fit over old and worn out or damaged bath tubs.

The rubber ducks that participated in the survey cited the following Top 7 Reasons for Using Inner Bath bath tubs over other bath tub remodelling / repair options:

  1. The installation is quick and clean. Each bath tub is professionally installed in approximately 3 hours which is just perfect as there is nothing worse than a “duck out of water”. No need for the rubber ducks to be shut away in a cabinet for three days as is necessary during a complete bath tub tear-out and replacement or resurfacing process. They are back in the tub the very same day.
  2. There are no toxic or smelly chemicals used and there is no need to touch the existing plumbing.
  3. Inner Bath bath tubs and shower bases fit perfectly over the old bath tub and shower base. Inner Bath is Australia’s largest and only one day bath remodeler and has more than 30 bath tub molds. They can fit an insert for almost every pressed steel, acrylic, fiberglass or cast iron (claw foot bath) bath tub manufactured in the past 40 years.
  4. Inner Bath bath tubs are very affordable. There is no need for expensive bath tub tear-out and replacement. The low cost allows homeowners and property investors to upgrade the rest of the bathroom even with a limited budget.
  5. The bath water stays warmer longer. Most rubber ducks indicated they liked to linger in the bath tub. Inner Bath bath tubs allow them to stay in longer thanks to the insulating properties of ABS Acrylic.
  6. Inner Bath bath tubs immediately brighten up a bathroom. Rubber ducks are by nature very proud and insist on clean surroundings, which is why they like Inner Bath liners. The non-porous surface simply wipes clean, that means no bath tub rings or hard water stains. Inner Bath bath tubs do not dent, chip, rust or peel.

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