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Cracked Bath: Do You Wonder What Damage This Is Causing?

Cracked Bath: Do You Wonder What Damage This Is Causing?
February 18, 2019 Inner Bath

Have you ever looked down at your bathtub and realised that there’s a small hairline crack in its surface? At the time, you may think that it’s not a big deal – it’s so thin and small! But, catch yourself doing the same thing a few months down the track, and that crack could be much, much more pronounced. It’s important not to put off fixing a cracked bath. Because that crack may be silently causing costly damages to other aspects of your bathroom. We take a closer look at a few of the horrible scenarios that you can be left to deal with if a cracked bathtub goes unattended.

Unstable surfaces

When a crack in your bath is left to grow steadily worse, it can cause the surface to warp and weaken in places. Getting in and out of the tub can be a slippery business at the best of times, but add uneven surfaces into the mix, and it becomes downright dangerous. It’s a massive risk for small children and seniors especially, who can be unsteady in their footing and find it challenging to recover their balance if they slip. This scenario conjures up all kinds of horrific images including falling onto hard tiled floors and colliding with the sides of the bath. These incidents must be avoided at all costs for the safety of everyone who uses your bathroom!

Mould build up

Mould build up in bath tub

If there is a crack in your bath, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s leaking moisture into the foundations below. There may be cushioning material placed underneath your bath, acting as a barrier between it and the floor. When this material gets wet, it quickly harvests a breeding ground for mould. If you begin to notice a mildewy smell lingering around your bathroom, this could be the cause. It’s important to act quickly when you notice this smell because mould, moisture and mildew attract pests such as mites, cockroaches and millipedes into your home. Yuck!

Water damaged flooring

Water damaged flooring

If you leave the crack in your bathtub for long enough, it’s bound to cause even more severe damage to the flooring under your bath and its supporting material. Water will leak through the crack and slowly rot your bathroom foundations, which, if you live in a Queenslander, are most likely timber. Most Brisbane residents will be well aware that termites LOVE wet wood, and if you cultivate it in your home, you may as well be leaving a welcome mat for these destructive pests on your doorstep. But let’s switch our focus to another disastrous scenario capable of arising due to rotting timber floors. We’ve all seen those hilarious scenes in slapstick movies where the bathroom tub gives way and falls through to the floor below with the occupant sitting inside, still merrily scrubbing away. It’s not so funny if it happens to you. And in reality, it’s extremely dangerous. You could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs, serious injuries if anyone was in the tub at the time and an unlivable home for a few months!

How to fix a cracked bathtub

Cracked bath tub

Upon the first sign of a crack forming in your bath, you should be picking up the phone and calling a professional bath repairs company. You don’t want to risk landing yourself in any of the above situations! The quickest, most affordable and long-lasting solution to a cracked tub is bath relining services. Bathtub relining involves the placement of a new acrylic bath insert over your old tub. The process can usually be carried out within just three hours, rendering your bath ready for use the very next day! No toxic chemicals are used during the process, and you don’t need to call in a plumber to reconnect the pipes. It’s quick, easy and hassle-free! And best of all, you’re left with a fully functional and safe new bathtub to enjoy!

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