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Is your bathtub relined and ready for the new baby?

Is your bathtub relined and ready for the new baby?
March 29, 2018 Inner Bath

There are so many things for expecting parents to think about before their little bundle of joy arrives. Locks on all the cupboards in the house? Check. Stocked to the brim with nappies? Check. Baby monitor working? Check. Every room of the house goes through an intense assessment of safety and convenience.

But there’s one room that never seems to undergo the same level of scrutiny. The bathroom. By the time expecting parents get around to inspecting the bathroom in preparation for the baby, some considerations tend to fall by the wayside. But it’s ever so important that they don’t. Here’s why.

Hazardous cracked and peeling bathtubs.

Is the base of your bathtub cracked, peeling or eroded? Not only is it unsightly, but it’s also unsafe. We know that for the first year or so, the baby will be taking his or her bath in a smaller infant bath placed in the original bath, but it’s important to think ahead. Your newborn baby won’t be immediately crawling around, trying to get into cupboards and draws, but we bet you already have those safety locks installed, right? Having your bathtub repaired in anticipation of your growing child is the most sensible thing to do ahead of time.

Cracked, peeling and rusted bathtubs can lead to water contamination, which could make your child sick if consumed. Furthermore, cracked bathtubs are a safety hazard for little limbs that can easily be scratched. You don’t want your child to associate bathtime with pain, as we all know, it can be difficult enough convincing them to wash in the first place.

Relining your old bathtub.

This is why it’s essential to give your bath an upgrade before baby arrives. But replacing a bath can be expensive and time-consuming. And repainting it can expose your home to harmful chemicals that may linger, causing respiratory problems for pregnant Mum, who needs to be at her healthiest. The solution? Bathtub relining.

Bathtub relining involves installing an acrylic liner over the top of the base of your old bathtub. It’s perfectly moulded to the right shape, and takes only three hours to install! The process of relining a bathtub uses no harmful chemicals and costs a quarter of the price of buying a new tub and having it installed. That’s a massive saving that could allow you to splash out on a pram with more features or a cot that seamlessly transforms into a junior bed instead! Furthermore, why wait weeks for a whole new bathtub to arrive, and then longer for a plumber to connect it when you can have your perfectly stable old bathtub relined to look brand new again in just three hours? The new liner provides a completely safe surface for your bath, giving you better peace of mind when it’s time to wash your child.

Consistently warm water for your child’s bath.

It’s also important that the water in your bathtub remains warm so that your child does not catch a chill. If your little one loves bath time, they might be happy to play in the water after the washing is all done. A damaged or old bath will result in warm water turning cold, quicker. However, when an old bathtub is relined, the area between the damaged base and the underside of the new liner is filled with two-part polyurethane expanding foam, which hardens to produce a stable foundation. This filler also acts as an excellent insulator, meaning that your child’s bath water will stay warm for longer. More time for your little one to enjoy playing with water!

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