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Things To Consider When Repairing Your Shower

Things to consider when repairing your shower
April 27, 2018 Inner Bath

Is the flooring in your shower eroded, slippery or cracked? Sounds like it’s time to look at having it repaired. There are a few options when it comes to shower repairs – but not all are long-lasting fixes, and some are much more convenient and cost-effective than others. We take you through your options for shower base repairs and highlight the best methods for your home and budget.

What material is your shower base made from?

Is your shower base cast iron, stone, fibreglass, tiled or acrylic? The type of material that it’s made out of will often dictate the kind of repair services that are available to you. Respraying and re enamelling services will only work for a select few shower base materials. Relining your shower base with a non-slip acrylic insert is by far the most diverse and durable option for a range of shower bases. Acrylic liners are moulded specifically to fit over your existing shower base, no matter what materials it is. The small space between your new acrylic liner and your old, worn shower base is filled with polyurethane expanding foam which solidifies into a sturdy foundation.

What cleaning products do you use in your shower?

Another important factor to consider when choosing a repair service for your shower base is what cleaning products you typically use. When a shower base is painted, resprayed or re enamelled, this tends to limit the chemicals that can be applied to it in the future. You may also be restricted in your options for cleaning products, making build-up a possibility over time. The respraying terms might also include having to dry the bath after every use, and dripping taps or dropping something may void the warranty.

How long can you afford to be without a shower?

Some shower repair services take much longer than others to carry out. For example, if you want to go through the long process of having your shower base re-tiled, you’re going to need to hire both a qualified tiler and a plumber. Not only are these services expensive, but they can also take weeks to finish. This isn’t ideal if yours is a family home, and you need to relocate the kids every evening to wash. Furthermore, if you’re repairing showers in hotels, hospitals or nursing homes, it results in serious downtime, and loss of time and money. Re-spraying and re-enamelling processes may not take as long to carry out but can take up to three days for the chemicals to settle for your shower to be safe enough for use. Relining, in contrast, only takes three hours of work and leaves your shower ready to be used the very next morning. Having a new acrylic shower base installed is by far the most convenient option of shower repair in regards to time constraints.

Do you have asthmatics living in your home?

As you can imagine, both sanding back and re-spraying damaged shower bases result in stifling particles and chemicals floating about in the air. Re-spraying, in particular, can lead to odours lingering in your house for days. Not an ideal environment for asthmatics! During these processes, it’s always suggested that anyone with breathing sensitivities is relocated during the process and while the chemicals settle. Furthermore, resurfacing techniques that involve the use of chemicals pose a greater risk of water contamination, as chemicals are being sprayed around plumbing outlets. Relining, in comparison, is a much safer and eco-friendly method of repairing your shower. Relining allows you to rest at ease knowing that no harmful chemicals are lingering about your home.

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