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What is Acrylic?

Coloured Perspex (eg: Aeroplane Windows)

Does it fade?

No it does not fade, peel or or discolour.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, 10 years.

How long does it take to install an Inner Bath?

Approx. 3 hrs and can be used immediately.

Do tiles need to be removed?

No the Inner Bath is fitted in situ.

Is it slippery?

No the acrylic is Sanitary grade and is non-slip.

Does it make the bath smaller?

Approx. 30mm overall

Does it scratch?

Any bath can be scratched, but under normal conditions NO.

What happens if it becomes scratched?

All scratches can easily be removed with a cutting compound (ie: Brasso) and buffed back to its original lustre.

What happens if the bath is chipped?

It can be repaired by an acrylic Repairer to an undetectable finish.

Can water get between the baths?

No an industrial sealant is used As the final seal against the tiles.

Do I need a plumber to connect the waste?

No. Inner Bath is the only company with a Water Board approved, patented adaptor designed to fit into the existing waste.

Is there any movement in the new bath?

No an expanding polyurethane foam is used to fill the cavity and sets rock hard and stops any movement.