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5 Of The Most Cutting-Edge Hotel Bathroom Gadgets

5 Of The Most Cutting-Edge Hotel Bathroom Gadgets
September 16, 2019 Inner Bath

We’re in a day and age where some hotels are so luxurious and high-tech that guests only have to go so far as the bathroom for a state-of-the-art spa experience. What was once a simple and functional space has been transformed by technology into a sumptuous sanctuary. We are seeing more and more hotels upgrade their restroom technology and below are 5 of our favourites.

In-Mirror TV Screens

Most of us have probably attempted, in some way, to watch our latest Netflix binge while having a bath or maybe even tried to stream a movie while relaxing in the tub with a glass of wine. Most of us have likely also fantasized about having a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall of our bathroom. Well, technology has gifted us with an even more impressive and convenient method of TV viewing while pampering yourself in the bathroom. These TV screens are actually integrated into your mirror, giving you safe and efficient access when desired. Another nifty feature of these screens is that when the television is turned off they become completely invisible, allowing you uninterrupted use of your mirror.

Smart Glass

Smart glass is a super clever technology that is being installed in the showers of luxury hotels. You might be thinking that a shower is pretty straightforward and has no need to be ‘smart’, but this is a pretty amazing piece of technology. Smart glass turns from transparent, in fact almost invisible, to completely opaque in a matter of seconds. Smart glass has a layer of liquid crystals between two panels. When this layer of film is connected to electricity, the glass remains transparent. A switch can then be flipped to break the electrical connection, disordering the crystals, and you’re left with an opaque wall or divider as if by magic.

Chromatherapy Shower

Chromatherapy is like aromatherapy, but instead of scents, it uses lights and colour. A chromatherapy shower (or bath) will cycle through a range of coloured LED lights designed to soothe and relax you. The idea is that you bathe in colour, achieving a tranquil balance of energy. Whether you want to indulge in a chromatherapy shower for therapy, or you simply want a show-stopping shower experience, you can’t deny that this sounds amazing.

SoundTile Speakers

SoundTile Speakers are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are water-resistant, high-performance speakers with extremely low distortion levels which can be built into your bathroom wall. These speakers will turn your bathroom into a dance party or an oasis of harmony, depending on your mood playlist. Imagine hooking this up to your In-mirror tv screen for a sound surround effect.

Electronic Toilets

For the most part, toilets are a fairly functional and non-luxury item right? Wrong. You can get toilets with some pretty luxurious features these days. An automatically opening and closing lid, heated seats, automatic flush, a nightlight, and electrolyzed water that self-cleans the bowl are just some of the high-tech features you can get in the most high-end hotel toilets nowadays.

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