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How to Make a DIY Bath Caddy

How to Make a DIY Bath Caddy
February 12, 2018 Inner Bath

When it comes to the perfect bubble bath, sometimes it’s the small luxuries that really count. A gourmet doughnut, your favourite book, a relaxing glass of wine, a beautiful bath caddy.

A bath caddy is a great spot to set your candles, bath bombs and pampering essentials. Feeling fancy? You can even set up your iPad or laptop on your bath caddy and enjoy your favourite Netflix shows while you soak. Simply place your bath caddy over your bathtub, and it serves as a shelf for all your favourite bath time activities.

There are many beautiful bath caddy options available these days, from elegant marble to rustic wood, minimalist lucite and chic copper. Here are two our favourite DIY bath caddy ideas, that are far cheaper than buying from the store.

1. DIY Rustic Wood Bath Caddy

Rustic bath caddies are suited to charming cottages, coastal homes and beautiful old farmhouses with clawfoot tubs. If you have a light coloured bathroom, then this kind of bath caddy will add eye-catching detail.

To make a rustic bath caddy, you will need one piece of rustic wood (measured and cut to the width of your bathtub) and two small blocks. Simply sand the wood with sandpaper and paint it with a few coats of your choice of stain. Then, flip the wood over and attach the blocks at either end. These will stop your caddy from sliding around. Finally, coat the entire thing with 2-3 coats of heavy duty (matte) furniture varnish to make your caddy waterproof.

For bonus points, drill some holes at either end of your caddy and use some old rope to create handles. You could even cut out a round hole to act as a cup holder.

2. DIY Chic Lucite and Copper Bath Caddy

Lucite is the perfect option for minimalist and luxury bathrooms. Clear acrylics are very on trend right now, especially if you pair them with metallic accents and marble accessories. Pop some candles around your bathroom and some flower petals in your tub, and you’ve basically just created your own at-home day spa!

To make a lucite and copper bath caddy, you will need a drill, clamps, PVC window moulding, epoxy glue, two pieces of lucite (measured and cut to the width of your bathtub) and two beautiful metal handles. Simply spray paint your handles in a copper or rose gold colour, drill holes in the lucite for your handles, and use the PVC to create a pretty trim. Glue and clamp the two lucite pieces together (with the PVC trim in between and voilà, you have a stunning, minimalist bath caddy!

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