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Trivago & Hacks for Hotels

Trivago & Hacks for Hotels
December 3, 2019 Inner Bath

Booking engines have revolutionised the way that customers search for and book hotels. They have given the consumer the ability to search an array of accommodation options by star rating, customer reviews and price. How are you to stand out in this saturation of information and options? We have a few simple tricks to get your customers clicking!

Create a Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency encourages us to suspend deliberate thought and act quickly. On a saturated booking platform, having a sense of urgency around a particular option will encourage the consumer to spend less time thinking about the alternatives. This feeling can be induced through pop up messages or notifications about options that you have available. For example, displaying the number of rooms of a particular type or price point that are remaining or a countdown of how long a price is ‘guaranteed’ to be available for. Both of these options are automatic features of that the site will generate. Due to Trivago’s aggregator functionality, this is more difficult to implement as a number of booking sites will be present on the hotel listing, all with different features.

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Build a sense of trust and low risk

Having guarantees that alleviate risks are an encouraging factor to guest bookings. Creating a sense of trust through eliminating hidden fees, advertising a flexible cancellation policy and ensuring a secure booking method are all points that you can include in your or Trivago listing. With this low-risk standard becoming increasingly common, it’s important to keep up with market trends in order to not be eliminated from a consumer’s choice set.

Encourage your guests to leave you a positive review

On booking platforms like Trivago and, customers have the ability to sort hotel options by guest ratings. Including a small pamphlet or verbal encouragement to leave a positive review on booking platforms could help ignite this action. Making sure that you keep to your high standards of service and cleanliness will help to encourage positive reviews. Dated decor and fittings can also leave a negative impression on your guests. If your bathroom is needing a refresh our refitting services are the perfect facelift that it may need!

At InnerBath, we can have your bathrooms looking fresh in less than 3 hours, meaning you can do it in between guest stays! There is no need to renovate the whole room or dismantle the interior. At Inner Bath we are dedicated to using superior methods to give your bathroom a superior finish. If you would like more information, contact us today via our website!