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Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

Bathroom Design Trends for 2020
December 19, 2019 Inner Bath

Designing a bathroom can be a difficult task as it’s often the room that is seen as the ‘sanctuary’ of the home. With every new season, there are new trends that take over and are generally a great starting point to refer to when choosing themes, colours, and materials for your bathroom. We’ve put together our top bathroom design trends for 2020 to give you inspiration for your bathroom reno!

Integrated lighting

Bathroom lighting is important for both practical and atmospheric reasons which gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of styles and tones. There have also been great advancements in technology when it comes to incorporating lighting into architecture making the addition of lights an exciting feature for any new bathroom. Adding lighting behind cupboards and mirrors is a contemporary and chic way to brighten your bathroom.

Interesting tiles

There was a huge trend for the simpler subway tiles over the last couple of years and while they still look great, bringing interesting shapes and colours into the mix can give your bathroom a more playful feel or make a bold statement. Shapes like scallops, hexagons and Moroccan cross tiles are all fantastic choices if you are not too sure on committing to a bold colour.


With versatility and practicality that surpasses marble, terrazzo is making a comeback in 2020 for plenty of reasons. Our favourite is that it is one of the more sustainable materials as it’s typically made from a combination of recycled glass and natural aggregates such as granite and quartz. Alongside this, the uniqueness and durability is a huge bonus to consider when looking for a distinctive bathroom style.

Brushed nickel tapware

When it comes to accents within your bathroom, tapware can make or break a theme. Although matte black and brass are not going anywhere, brushed nickel has been growing in popularity for its subtle luxurious feel and capability to match a range of colour schemes and textures. It’s a material that is not likely to look dated any time soon and gives you the chance to play around with different shaped tapware without going over the top.

Statement colours

Gone are the days of all-white bathrooms, with colour coming to the forefront of design, this huge trend with a wide and varying scope will be seen in plenty of bathroom designs during 2020. Varying from classic, high-end black to softer pastels, the addition of colour can make your bathroom truly unique and a real reflection of your style. When adding colour, think outside the box and instead of simply painting the walls, use coloured tiles, accents, framed mirrors, lighting and even grout.

If it’s beginning to sound like 2020 could be the year you redesign your bathroom with a quality fit-out, our high-quality bath and shower relining services are a fantastic compliment to bringing your bathroom back to life. Contact us today for more information about how you can restore and renovate your bathroom!