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Eco-Friendly Design Trends for your bathroom

Eco-Friendly Design Trends for your bathroom
March 12, 2020 Inner Bath

Incorporating eco-friendly design elements into our homes has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons- from energy-saving benefits to beautiful aesthetics. Using green options in your home design is not only the right thing to do morally but it’s also become a very on-trend choice from a style perspective. We saw environmentally conscious trends explode in 2019 and it shows no sign of stopping through 2020. We have put together a list of how you can give your bathroom an updated AND eco-friendly look.


Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of recycled chips of marble, quartz, glass, granite and/or other suitable materials poured with a binding material like concrete, polymeric or a combination of both. Terrazzo has become a huge trend for more than its eco-friendly characteristics. The material is uniquely beautiful with no two pieces looking the same. Terrazzo is also highly durable and can easily be incorporated into flooring and countertops.


Relining your bath or shower is a great way to get a fresh and clean look without the harmful impacts of totally tearing out and replacing your bath. Relining requires no harmful sprays or chemicals and wastes far fewer materials than fully redoing your bath. Relining an old bath also ensures that there are no leaks through the bath, saving valuable water.

Energy-efficient lighting

Lighting is an important part of all interior design and should never be forgotten about in a bathroom. Ample natural light given through well-positioned windows is the most energy-efficient option when it comes to lighting, as it encourages reducing the use of artificial lighting. When it comes to choosing your artificial light source for night time lighting, you should consider LED or CFL bulbs as they both use less energy than halogen bulbs.

Reclaimed materials

Using reclaimed materials in your design is an easy and eco-friendly way to get a rustic look in your space. Bringing this trend into your bathroom can be done in a huge variety of ways. You can incorporate reclaimed items and materials in just about every element of your bathroom from vanities, sinks, flooring, mirror frames and more. You can source reclaimed materials from resale markets or curated reclaimed homeware stores.

Beginning your journey to a more eco-friendly bathroom may seem like a long and daunting process. At InnerBath, we are here to help you get started with our range of bath liners, shower liners and shower screen replacements. For more information on our products and services, contact us today.