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Bathroom renovation hacks to keep you UNDER your budget!

Bathroom renovation hacks to keep you UNDER your budget!
March 10, 2020 Inner Bath

So you’ve planned a renovation with a budget in mind, only to realise (after you’ve ripped the place apart) that the whole renovation is going to leave a much bigger dent in your bank account than anticipated. Sound familiar?

What a lot of people don’t realise is that there are some clever, tactical changes you can make to your bathroom that will leave it looking transformed without breaking the bank. Below are our 5 favourite bathroom reno hacks:


A strategically selected and positioned mirror really can work wonders for your bathroom. If you’re going for an elegant look then opt for a large mirror with ornate, gold plated rimming or if you want to achieve a more modern look, go for a frameless mirror with warm, built-in lighting. An added bonus, choosing a big mirror for your bathroom can create an optical illusion, making your bathroom feel much brighter and more spacious than it really is.


Rather than forking out for a brand new bath or shower, why not simply have your current one relined. Often, we decide that we want a bathroom reno because our bath or shower is cracked or worn and has really started bringing down the whole look of the bathroom. However, a new bath lining or shower lining will totally transform your bathroom making it feel brand new and it’s just as sturdy and durable as a new bath or shower, making for an excellent long term investment.

Shower fixture

Again, rather than buying a whole new shower and having the plumbing redone, you can simply achieve the same effect with a fancy new shower head. For real luxury, you can opt for a wall-mounted rain shower head that gives you a different pressure and spray option. Some showerheads even have led lighting systems built in to ensure that you always have a calming shower in the mornings before you start your day!


New tapware is not only an amazing way to give your bathroom a facelift, but it can also help you to transform the style of your bathroom interior. For example, brass tapware is the perfect way to create a more rustic interior and is beautiful when paired with a stone basin. Alternatively, if you’re trying to update and modernise your bathroom then you should be looking for curved, silver chrome tapware.


Similarly, updating the handles on your cupboards will make a big difference to the overall look of your bathroom. If eclectic is more your style, you can buy different kinds of handles from the same range or in the same colour and have a quirky mixture on your bathroom cupboards. If you’re more contemporary, you could opt for a classic chrome upgrade. What’s more, if you like a bit of DIY you can paint your cupboards which will leave looking totally refreshed and you even have the option to add a pop of colour if you like!

At Inner Bath we have helped to transform and rejuvenate countless bathrooms in our customers’ homes, apartment buildings and in hotels. We’re relining experts who are committed to finding the right solution for you! To learn more about our relining services or products, get in touch with us today!