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Why Does My Bath Always Look Dirty?

Why Does My Bath Always Look Dirty?
March 13, 2020 Inner Bath

Are you struggling to keep your bath in its most pristine condition? Never fear, this issue is more common than you may realise! Whether you live in an older home and have never had the lining replaced, or you’re suffering from a bathroom limited by its smaller size and low ventilation, there are solutions that will work for you. At Inner Bath, we know it’s not nice to feel like your bathroom is in a constant state of ‘dirty’.

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to the art of having a perfect bathtub, and there are equally as many options when it comes to solving the issue. It could be as simple as just needing to alter your cleaning schedule and the chemicals you’re using or maybe even looking at some replacement options.

These are the main signs that your bathtub is not looking its healthiest:

  • It’s yellowing in colour
  • It’s beginning to show cracks
  • The shower screen (if it’s a shower bath) has noticeable damage
  • There is visible soap scum throughout wet areas
  • There are hard water stains on the tap ware, screens and bath (if you’re not sure if you have soap scum or hard water stains check out our blog here where we discuss)

So.. some, or all of those issues are present in your bathroom and you’re not sure of what you can do?

Here are our best tips:


First and foremost before going ahead with any invasive solutions, making sure that you do an audit on your bathroom cleaning practices should be your first port of call. There are many natural cleaning options that don’t require the use of harsh chemicals, such as clove oil, tea tree oil, bicarb soda and white vinegar. We’ve found that if the products are close by and accessible in the bathroom, and you use them every second day for a few minutes after you use the bath/shower, you shouldn’t need to be doing exhaustive deep scrubs.


If you’ve tried that and found that your tub is beyond a daily clean repair, your next option would be an Inner Bath relining treatment. This is a better alternative to completely replacing the tub and spending money on unnecessary renovations. This is a long-term, eco-friendly option, where we simply just place an acrylic, non-slip tray over your worn out, discoloured or cracked base. The downtime for the relining process is only 3 hours!

At Inner Bath, we have seen it all and are industry experts at getting your bathroom into tip-top condition! Contact us for a quote on a bath repair, or check out our before and after section on the website for some inspiration.