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Top 10 Beautiful Bathroom Trends of 2019

Top 10 Beautiful Bathroom Trends of 2019
June 27, 2019 Inner Bath

Say goodbye to matte bathroom tapware and subway tiles; 2019 has revived beautiful bathroom trends that might inspire your next bathroom renovation.
We have rounded up ten stunning bathroom trends that are taking the world by storm.

Top 10 Beautiful Bathroom Trends of 2019

1. Wooden accents

As the world is busier than ever, more and more of us are craving relaxing getaways that are one with nature. Bathrooms with wooden features such as wooden cabinets and vanities add an “organic” feel to your bathroom while creating a more open and minimalistic space.

2. Pastel Colours

The Millennial Pink Pastel revolution is still creating waves in the bathroom game. Blush shades, sage green and pastel blue are also hot favourites amongst renovators because they blend seamlessly with varied colour palettes.

3. Tapware glamour

Who said tapware is boring? Add some pizzazz to your bathroom with fresh mix and match tapware in complementary colours. Tapware is an excellent way to inject your personality to any bathroom renovation.

4. Spa at home

No time to visit the spa? Working some great spa features into your bathroom will immediately make it feel like an in-home spa. In addition to bathroom scents and candles, investing in a hot tub or a steam shower is a luxurious feature that you will love.

5. Make a statement

Statement art could liven up any space, so why not the bathroom? Sometimes one grand piece is all you need to decorate bare spaces and add an element of fun. You can tone it down to a strategically placed pile of books or go bold with, let’s say, colourful juju hats.

6. Industrial edge

Exposed bricks, weathered surfaces and metal bathroom fittings remain favourites for bathroom renovations. You can go for a “soft industrial” look by adding limestones and neutral-pastel shades or bare it all for a rustic industrial look.

7. Innovative storage

Awaken your inner Marie Kondo by incorporating practical yet super stylish storage spaces. An all-in-one vanity and pull-out drawers make a big difference and keep your bathroom essentials within arm’s reach.

8. Wet rooms

A wet room is a genius way to expand the idea of walk-in showers. It will even introduce a little luxury to your bathroom without typical shower installations. Finally, you can enjoy your shower without bumping your elbow on the wall and move around freely!

9. Coloured sinks

Gone are the days when white and black sinks reigned supreme. Colourful sinks come in a myriad of hues, shapes and sizes, allowing you to play around with the colour palette of your bathroom renovation.

10. Bathroom wallpaper

In an unexpected twist, bathroom wallpapers have made a trendy comeback. Wallpapers are no longer considered old and outdated, owing to stylish designs and adaptive technology. A bold and artsy wallpaper might be your way to achieving that Pinterest-worthy glam.

Did any of these trends inspire your next bathroom renovation? Start by giving your bathtub a fresh new look with high-tech and stylish acrylic bath inserts. Contact Inner Bath today for more information about how you can keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

Top 10 Beautiful Bathroom Trends of 2019