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How to make your bathroom appear larger

How to make your bathroom appear larger
February 4, 2020 Inner Bath

A small bathroom is not always a bad thing, but having it feel cramped sure is. Hotels and apartments tend to have smaller bathrooms that can feel stuffy when they are not designed to maximise the appearance of space. You can easily trick your eyes and mind into believing that a bathroom is bigger with a few simple tips. At InnerBath, we are enthusiastic about making your bathroom look its best, that is why we have put together a list of ways to make this great space feel bigger!

Go big with mirrors

The more light that you can reflect, the larger your bathroom will appear. Directing your mirrors towards lighting (natural or artificial) or light coloured walls will help to make the room feel so much larger. Also, using a big mirror that stretches the length of the wall above your sink, rather than a mirror that just fits your face, will amplify this effect.

Keep it light

Dark spaces can feel small and dingy so brightening up your bathroom with lighting can help to make your space feel much bigger and better. Adding lighting that covers the whole room allows your eyes to reach every corner of the space. If you are lucky enough to have natural lighting in your bathroom, you will not regret utilising it! If privacy is a concern, opt for solutions like a translucent window shade instead of blackout blinds or curtains so that you don’t miss out on that room-expanding light!

Try white-on-white

A truly timeless solution, white bathrooms have a light and airy feel that is sure to make your space feel larger. White naturally recedes, tricking the eye and when used in interior design, makes a space look larger. White also reflects light rather than absorbing it like dark colours. Clean white on white can be achieved with a combination of a new coat of white paint, cleaning up or installing new tiles to be bright white and relining your shower or bath can help restore it to a new, beautiful white.

Recess that storage

An aesthetically pleasing and practical solution, recessing storage for toiletries in your bathroom is a great way to make your space feel larger. Due to the nature of recessed storage sitting within the walls, you will have longer stretches which are uninterrupted by bump-outs of cabinetry. What’s more, longer lines help to draw your eye in, making a space feel bigger.

Combine your bath and shower

If you are limited by floor space, you can free it up by combining your bath and shower. The addition of this floor space can be used for storage, changing the layout of your bathroom or can just be left as empty space. Combining your bath and shower is a surefire way to make your space feel bigger because you are simply gaining more space.

Use Large Tiles

It may be typical to use small tiles in a small bathroom, but this actually makes the space look smaller. The use of small tiles creates more dividing lines between the tiles. Using large, simple coloured tiles will give the impression of more floor space and a cleaner, less cluttered overall look in the bathroom.

At Inner Bath, we love to make the most of what you already have in your bathroom by making it that bit better. Our bath and shower relining services are a convenient, affordable addition to any bathroom renovation project. Contact us today to see how we can bring your bathroom into the new year.