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Products to take your bath to the next level

Products to take your bath to the next level
February 17, 2020 Inner Bath

Bathtime should always be relaxing. Taking a bath can help relieve stress and unwind after a long day. Sitting in a nice, warm bath can be elevated with additional products, and we are talking about more than just soap! At Inner Bath, we are all about making your bath better with our relining services. This is why we have put together a list of products to take your bath to the next level.

Bath Pillow

Depending on the shape of your bath, resting your head on the edge while lying down may be less than comfortable. Bath edges can sometimes be sharp and very hard and not somewhere that you would like to rest your head. An easy and affordable solution to this is a bath pillow. A bath pillow is just like a waterproof version of your ordinary bed pillow, perfect for unwinding.

Bamboo Bath Tray

Just sitting in a bath, while relaxing, can get a little bit boring. A bath tray is a perfect way to bring items into the bath with you so that you can stay in for longer. Perfect for holding a tablet or phone and a nice cup of tea, a bath tray is excellent to bring your favourite TV shows in the bath! Bamboo is the material of choice when it comes to bath trays as it is stylish, more water-resistant than other wooden options and eco-friendly.

Bath Salts

Usually, when we add soaps or other products into a bath, it is for skin treatment purposes. We love to get out of a bath with silky smooth skin, but what if you could have this with the addition of muscle-relaxing effects? Many bath salt mixes can provide this soothing effect. So next time you are looking through the bubble bath options, try reaching for a nice bath salt instead!

Waterproof Speaker

For more than just belting out your favourite tunes in the shower, a waterproof speaker can create a calming soundscape during your next bath. Closing your eyes and chilling out to a soothing playlist can take your bath from your bathroom to a spa or retreat.

Essential Oils

You have probably seen essential oils being used in diffusers, candles and soaps, but have you ever added them straight to your bath? The aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils are perfect for bathtime relaxing. Adding the oils straight into your bath will strengthen their results rather than be diluted in soap products. Try a mix of lavender and bergamot oils to kick back and relax totally.

Flower Baths

Flower baths are a picturesque treat that is seen in fine hotels and spas all around the world. But are there any other benefits of a flower petal packed bath than a pretty sight? Different types of flowers can have amazing effects on the body. Rose, chamomile, peony, lotus and orchids all have fantastic skin benefits, sweet jasmine and lavender are great for mood and rosemary petals to help to boost circulation.

If all of these fun ideas have you thinking about your bath, but the lining is less than appealing, we are here to help! Over time, wear and tear of using your bath can result in yellowing or cracks; this can hinder how pleasant your bath experience is overall. At Inner Bath, we can refresh your bath lining in less than 3 hours. Contact us today so you can start relaxing sooner!