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Treat your bathroom to a beauty session with acrylic bath repair

Treat your bathroom (and yourself) to a beauty session with acrylic bath repair
March 29, 2018 Inner Bath

What’s so good about acrylic? It’s affordable, sturdy, can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes, and doesn’t chip easily. Are we talking about bathtubs or fingernails here? Well, both!

Acrylic is used in a variety of products because it’s a tough, durable material. This makes it perfect for repairing your bathtub base. Of course, the acrylic used in baths is a much stronger version than the variety the nail technician uses, but its benefits are essentially the same! If your bathroom could use a little TLC, why not treat your bath to a new acrylic liner and have it looking brand new again?

Giving your bathtub a makeover

If your bathtub is cracked, chipped or eroded, it’s time for a bathroom beauty session. By this, we mean a new acrylic liner, specifically moulded to fit the existing base. It’s the simple, convenient and affordable way to makeover your bathroom. Our technicians install the new acrylic liner over the top of your old bath base. We use two-part polyurethane expanding foam to fill the gap between the old base, and the bottom of the new liner, to create a solid foundation. It looks just like a new bath, at a quarter of the price!

A new acrylic bath liner, in the same time it takes to get your nails done

One of the best parts about having your bathtub relined is that installation only takes three hours. Why not treat yourself to a set of your own professional acrylic nails in the meantime? While your bath is being relined, you can get your nails done, grab a coffee, and when you get back your newly repaired bathtub will be awaiting you! It’s that quick and simple!

When affordability and quality come hand in hand

Here at Inner Bath, we pride ourselves on the long lifespans of our acrylic bathtub liners and shower bases. We also aim to make high-quality bath repairs accessible to all households, no matter what their budget is. Because every bathroom deserves a facelift! You’ll receive your acrylic bath or shower liner quicker, and for much cheaper than buying brand new.

Considering the safety and comfort of your home

Our installation process is also much safer and home-friendly than attempting to repaint or re-enamel your scratched or peeling bath. The chemicals used in these methods can cause respiratory problems and leave a lingering smell in your home for days. Relining doesn’t use any nasty chemicals during installation and is completely eco-friendly. There’s also no need to hire a plumber to connect pipes when repairing your bathtub by relining, as we simply provide an extension for your existing plughole!

Are you interested in having your bathtub relined with the experts in acrylic bath repair? Contact Inner Bath today!