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How to Transform Your Bathroom on a Budget

How to Transform Your Bathroom on a Budget
January 24, 2018 Inner Bath

New year, new bathroom? You would be surprised at how often ‘renovate the bathroom’ comes up on homeowners’ new year resolutions. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Scrub and sort your little heart out

The best first step in any transformation is to clean, cull and organise. Pull everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, out onto the floor (including that 25-year-old sunscreen bottle pushed back into the far corner). Check what needs throwing – has the product expired? Do you still need it? Put the things you are keeping in a box and into the hallway and wash what needs washing. Now comes the fun part, dragging in the cleaning supplies and going bananas. This is no average bathroom clean, this is a transformation brought to you by Gumption, bleach and some elbow grease. Once your bathroom tiles are sparkling like a corny cleaning television ad, you can then slowly bring your bathroom items back in, organising meticulously as you go. As a reward for your hard work, buy yourself a beautiful plant and a candle while you are at it. Having a plant in the bathroom not only looks gorgeous, but also pleases your house guests.

Restore old, worn down pieces to their former glory

A brand new bath or shower can set you back hundreds, if not thousands by the time you have the original one knocked out and removed, purchase the new version, get it delivered, professionally installed and the surrounding area repaired. Why not reline your existing shower or bath? This is by far the quickest and easiest way to avoid surprise hits to your bank account.

A fresh coat of paint

Sometimes all your bathroom needs is a quick facelift. And why stop your paint job at the walls? Nothing restores a lacklustre bathroom unit as quick as a fresh, new colour. Just look at how beautiful this bathroom is compared to its original state.

While we are talking about painting…

Completely modernise your tarnished, silver faucets with a sexy matte finish in three simple steps:
Lightly sand the faucet’s surface to roughen the surface
Coat it with a paint primer. Let it dry.
Spray it with your spray paint of choice twice over (letting it dry in between).

And voila.

A fresh set of towels

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Yes, ‘a fresh set of towels’ did make this list and for good reason. Your bathroom can be instantly lifted by ditching those torn and stained towels and replacing them with light and fluffy fresh towels. Plus you will enjoy jumping out of the shower much more knowing a warm cuddle awaits you from your brand new bathroom purchase. For just $6 at Kmart, you can keep even the smallest of budgets intact.

Are you wanting to reinvigorate your bathroom without the price tag? Contact us today! We can reline and restore your baths and showers, making them as good as new.