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7 quick and easy ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

7 quick and easy ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly
August 5, 2019 Inner Bath

Making your bathroom more energy efficient should be a priority not only for those wanting to save a little cash, but also for those who are concerned with Mother Earth’s wellbeing! At Inner Bath, eco-friendly bathroom solutions are our specialty. Our bath and shower relining services have transformed our customers’ bathrooms without the release of toxic fumes into the environment.

However, there are many quick fixes that you can make to ensure your bathroom is as eco-friendly as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled these 7 quick and easy ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, as we know from experience that it will make a big difference, both to your utility bills and the environment.

1.Stopping the leaks

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Leaking toilets and taps that drip are incredibly annoying – that persistent sound of water dripping away while you’re trying to relax or sleep is enough to send anyone mad. Not only that, but leaving them to drip away and waste all that water would cost you a fortune. If your toilet or taps are leaking, contact a plumber now! Your back pocket will be glad you did, and you’ll save many bucket loads of water in the process.

2. Install low-flow adapters on bathroom faucets.

This is a quick, easy and affordable way to instantly make any bathroom more eco-friendly. Installing low-flow adapters onto the ends of your faucets will aerate, restrict and regulate the flow of water streaming from them. They’re available for bathroom sinks or your showerheads, so there’s no reason not to install them everywhere in your bathroom!

3. Dual flush toilet systems

If you’ve got the budget, this one can make a tremendous environmentally friendly change for your bathroom. Imagine how much water you’ve been wasting if full flushes follow every time the toilet is used. If your toilet is single flush and you can’t afford to install an entirely new toilet, you can opt for one of the many kits that are available which convert your single flush toilet into a dual flush.

4. But old-school toilet solutions work well too

Not so long ago, it wasn’t uncommon for people to place a brick or something similarly large and heavy into the water tank of their toilet, to decrease the average volume of flushes. Now we know that bricks don’t hold up over time, so the consensus is to use a plastic bottle filled with water. It does the trick and will help you save water each time you flush.

5. Take more showers than baths

Unless you’re showering for 15 minutes or more, taking a bath generally uses more water. Abstaining from baths will rack up the water savings. If you do like to take a bath, ensure that your bath is in good condition and that the liner isn’t cracked or leaking water. If it is, you should get it replaced ASAP. We provide a cost-effective solution to bath lining repair, and our customers are always thrilled with the results. Learn more here!

6. Turn off the tap

Did you know that a tap on full blast will pump down 10L of water every minute? Everyone should be in the habit of doing this already, but we still come across the odd person or two who likes to leave taps on while they brush their teeth and willingly waste precious water. You don’t need that liquid gold running down the drain if you’re not putting it to good use. Turn off the tap until you need the water again.

7. Cut the antibacterial soap

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With all the eco-friendly alternatives that are now readily available, antibacterial soaps are simply not necessary, not to mention they’re downright nasty for the environment. They’re no better at cleaning your hands either, so next time you’re at the shops and are thinking about buying another bottle, DON’T! Steer clear of these altogether.

Inner Bath can retrofit shower screens, bath liners and shower liners to your existing bathroom in a matter of hours. If your bath or shower is looking a little tired, don’t wear the great cost of replacing or retiling them. Inner Bath’s relining process requires no spraying of harmful chemicals, and your brand new bath or shower liner is built to last, ensuring that no drop of water is ever wasted. Contact us now if you’d like to know more!