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10 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bathroom Oasis

10 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bathroom Oasis
February 10, 2018 Inner Bath

The majority of our morning and nighttime routines are centered around two rooms in our homes: the kitchen and the bathroom. So why not ensure your bathroom is a relaxing and enjoyable oasis? It’s the one room in your home that simply cannot be avoided by you, your family and your guests!

“I find a bath meditative and usually prepare myself for the day in this manner.” – Tom Ford

Tom Ford isn’t the only one who finds a bath meditative and restorative. Us humans have a long history of bathing, with the Romans creating bathhouses as a way to socialise and relax. Just because you don’t have a bath doesn’t mean you can’t hit the relax-button (although a bathtub definitely does help).

10. Relax in a clean bathroom

If you want to create a relaxing, enjoyable space, the first step is to declutter and clean. No one enjoys their bathroom when they can’t see the floor, have piles of dirty laundry everywhere, mouldy shower screens and dust bunnies the size of actual bunnies. Clean your bathroom, and we promise you the second you can see your floor, your space will become instantly more relaxing.

9. Relax surrounded by greenery

If you don’t have plants in your bathroom, you are missing out! Plants jazz up any dull space by adding life (literally), filter the air so you can breath cleaner oxygen, and so much more. In fact, there are a whole bunch of studies that show indoor plants can increase mood, enhance concentration and memory, and reduce stress. Your relaxing bathroom oasis may just be a plant or two away.

Friendly reminder: if you have pets, please ensure you research which plants are toxic for them first. We don’t want any four-legged friends harmed in the name of relaxing bathrooms!

8. Relax with scents

Nothing sets the mood like aromatherapy. Whether you’re a diffuser or candle kind of person, you can kick back and relax thanks to our brains being triggered by different scents. Calming scents include lavender, chamomile, lilac, sandalwood, ylang-ylang as well as lemon and jasmine.

Pro relaxing tip: don’t just use scented candles or diffusers to relax, there is a world of lotions, bath bombs and face masks with relaxing aromas ready and waiting for you!

7. Relax in comfort

There is no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a fluffy, soft towel or dressing gown after a relaxing bath. It can be hard to authorise yourself to splash out on plush dressing gowns so remember to submit requests for your next birthday! Until then, use fabric softener when you wash your towels.

6. Relax surrounded by calming colours

Just like aromatherapy, colours can have major effects on our moods. If you have a bright red bathroom chances are you are encouraging your brain to go into panic mode. Opt for neutral tones of blue, purple, pink, green or grey. You can introduce colour through your towels, pictures and accessories as well as the obvious paint. Just remember, the goal is to reduce visual stimulation! Nothing too eye-catching or bright.

5. Relax with your favourite beauty essentials

We all need a little pamper session every now and again, so keep your beauty essentials on hand for when that time comes.

Relaxation Pro Tip: Have all of your favourite beauty items all in one box ready to be pulled out at a moments notice. That may include a face mask, coffee scrub, body lotion, manicure kit, hair mask – whatever makes your soul sing.

4. Relax in a dimly lit bathroom

Mood lighting. Whether you’re diving into an hour-long bath or just having some ‘you’ time while brushing your teeth, lighting matters. If you have iridescent lights lighting the place up like a shopping centre there is no way your brain is going to go into relax mode. When you are wanting to relax, dim the lights or turn the lights off completely and rely on candles.

3. Relax with the perfect tunes

Spotify has playlist upon playlist dedicated to relaxing. Get yourself in the zone by selecting a soulful playlist then put your phone to the side and forget about it. Phones have no place near the bathtub or in your relaxation zone.

2. Relax with a glass of pinot (or herbal tea)

Does this really need any more explanation? We didn’t think so.

1. Relax as though you are at a hotel

You know when you’re at a hotel and you are free to be carefree? There is no ironing board sitting in the living room waiting to be used. No meat that needs to be pulled out of the freezer. No inbox to check. No children’s toy room to sort. No lawn that needs mowing. Nothing but you and your hotel room. When you enter your bathroom for a relaxation session, let all your household chores and duties fade away as you shut the door. They can be a post-relaxation-you problem.

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