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2020 Tapware Trends
February 17, 2020 Inner Bath

Tapware is a small detail with a large impact which can change the whole look of your bathroom. At Inner Bath, we love to work with what you already have in your bathroom and update your look from there. The relining services that we offer can be further enhanced by the replacement of your tapware throughout your bathroom. We have collated the top 2020 tapware trends to guide you during your next reno job!

Elevated Styles

Elevated everyday tapware styles give an unpretentious feeling of luxury. Simplicity and elegance can be added to tapware through a variation of bold finishes like copper, chrome, gold and unconventional shapes. To create a cohesive colour story, we recommend playing with different shapes but maintaining one finish on all of the tapware and other metals in the space.

Matte White

If the Scandanavian feel is what you are going for in your space then this is the trend for you. Matte white tapware is the perfect final touch to an all-white bathroom. This trend creates a totally blank canvas when it comes to decorating after the project is completed. If your discoloured, peeling or cracked bathtub is getting in the way of creating a clean colour palette, our relining services will restore it to a beautiful bright white!


Adding a handcrafted, natural finish to a bathroom can be as simple as replacing the tapware. Texture is an easy way to add this artisanal, imperfectly perfect vibe. We have seen earthy, natural touches in a variety of areas of interior design brought on by the sustainability movement. Pairing this type of tapware with clean lines and bright colours is one way to ensure that your taps are seen as a feature rather than just blending in with other unintentionally imperfect items.


A trend that isn’t going anywhere, brass is a finish that we have been seeing all through interior design in 2019 and it will spill over well into 2020. The brass trend can be implemented in either a luxurious, flashy polished style or a subdued, classy brushed finish. So whatever the style there’s a way to add a brass touch!

If these tapware trends have you feeling inspired to update your bathroom, our high-quality bath and shower relining services are another great way to revitalise your space. Contact us today for more information about how you can restore and renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank!