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The dangers of DIY bath resurfacing kits

The dangers of DIY bath resurfacing kits
April 20, 2019 Inner Bath

Quite often when it comes to refinishing bathtubs people think they can save money by completing a DIY job at home. This is not a good idea. There are many risks associated with DIY bathtub refinishing, some fatal. Inner Bath has been in the industry since 1986, and we’ve seen it all. This is why we advise all of friends and family against dangerous DIY kits.

Bathtub refinishing is a process in which the surface of an old bathtub is restored to improve the aesthetic appearance and repair damage that may have occurred from use. While it is less costly than replacing the whole bath, it often involves the use of hazardous chemicals, such as methylene chloride, isocyanates and acids.

Most DIY bathtub refinishing kits contain methylene chloride, which is an aggressive stripping agent. These ‘off-the-shelf’ DIY kits usually contain high percentages of this chemical, and it is extremely dangerous when not used properly. Methylene chloride is a chlorinated solvent, which is extremely volatile and appears as a sweet smelling, colourless liquid. Often this same liquid is used in industrial workplaces for stripping paint, degreasing and cleaning metal objects, and you’re thinking about using this product in your bathroom where your family baths? The risk with this liquid is that by the time you can smell it, you are already overexposed to it. This coupled with the fact that humans easily become desensitised to the smell, means that even if you cannot smell it, you’re likely overexposed too (confusing, right?). Just don’t use it!

Bathrooms are often small spaces, with little to no ventilation. Most kits require this hazardous chemical to be sprayed or poured onto the bathtub and then brushed evenly over the surface. Since vapours can collect quickly in the bathtub, there is a high concentration of methylene chloride and as little as 125g of methylene chloride inhalation, can cause death.

So what other options do you have?

Inner Bath

Well, Inner Bath has been servicing Brisbane for decades now with a safe, quick, cheap solution to worn bathtubs, as we are Australia’s specialists when it comes to bath relining. We place an acrylic bath insert over your existing bath, which is precisely moulded to fit your current baths foundation. The new liner is then bonded with a special two-part foam which helps insulate the tub even further. No nasty chemicals, no hazardous procedures. Safe, fast and effective. The process is so quick that our clients are able to use the bathtub immediately once the work is complete!

Dangerous DIY bathtub refinishing kits should be avoided at all costs. They generally will wear out quicker, stain easier and do not hold up as well as new lining. Contact Inner Bath today to book your bathroom makeover, since it is your sanctuary after all.