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Things to Consider When Selecting Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Things to Consider When Selecting Tiles for Small Bathrooms
October 27, 2020 Inner Bath

When it comes to selecting bathroom tiles, these days we are spoilt for choice. Large, small, square, rectangular, patterned, matte and glossy all available in thousands of colours and shades. If you are limited with bathroom space, tiles can go a long way in making the room feel larger than it really it is. At Inner Bath, we specialise in bathtub repairs, bringing tired old bathrooms back to life again. If you are building or renovating, let’s take a look at a few factors to keep in mind if you are selecting tiles for a small bathroom area.

Tile Size

Usually interior designers will say that you shouldn’t use large tiles (such as 60×60 cm or 80×80 cm) in a small bathroom as it will make the room look smaller. However, by using a very small tile there will be more grout lines which can also make the room feel smaller, so what should you do?

You could either use medium sized tiles or larger tiles, making sure that you use a grout colour that blends in for a seamless look. This will make your larger tiles flow better, and the scale of the room will not be disrupted.

Tile Colour

The colour of bathroom tiles can really make an impact in a small bathroom. Light, neutral colours such as white, cream or light grey reflect more light than darker colours which helps to make the space look bigger. If you want to add a pop of colour then use it with restraint, such as on a splashback or at the back of a recessed storage nook. Adding visual interest with delicate, finely patterned tiles will work better than bold patterns, and using textural contrasts can be a very effective design strategy, such as layering gloss and matte finish tiles in the same colour. When choosing your tiles colours, think warm, calm and neutral hues and if including patterns go for subtly.

Tile Layout

Another way to make a small bathroom look bigger is to consider the tile layout. Diagonal patterns can trick the mind into thinking that a space is bigger than it really is. Another way to make small bathrooms look bigger is to use rectangular tiles. If you lay rectangle tiles horizontally or on their side going up the wall or along the floor, this will give the illusion that the walls are wider than they actually are. The same tile laid vertically can make the room look taller or longer if used on the floor. Unusually shaped tiles can also work in a small bathroom, hexagons, triangles, circular and fan-shaped tiles are all popular in interior design and a mix of styles can create an eye-catching feature in a small bathroom, as long as they are used in small doses so they don’t overwhelm. Finally, a great suggestion is to tile the bathroom from floor to ceiling with the same tile in order to create a sense of continuity. This ultimately makes the room feel larger and more spacious.

Tile Finish

In small bathrooms, light plays a huge part in creating a spacious aesthetic. When you’re thinking about small bathroom tile ideas, consider tiles with a glossy, glass or mirror finish as opposed to a matte finish, especially for the walls. This will allow light to be reflected and bounce around the room effortlessly, enhancing the feeling of space.

There’s so many tile ideas when it comes to small bathrooms, but to maximise the feeling of space, choose light, neutral hues and reflective surfaces for an even distribution of light. Tile floor to ceiling and choose subtle patterns and use bright, bold colours sparing as a feature. Small bathrooms don’t have to feel cramped, with a few simple design choices you can create a space that looks and feels striking, sophisticated and spacious. Another important way to make a smaller bathroom look bright and airy is with a fresh new bath or shiny bath repair, if your bath is in need of resurfacing get in touch with the team at Inner Bath today. Call us on 1300 228 488 or contact us online for a free quotation.