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Give Your Brisbane Investment Home Bathroom a Facelift

Give Your Brisbane Investment Home Bathroom a Facelift
March 29, 2018 Inner Bath

Is the bathroom in your Brisbane investment property looking a little worse for wear? This could be significantly decreasing your property’s overall value.

If you’ve noticed that potential tenants aren’t showing much interest in your property after inspections, it might be time to up your game. The rental market is competitive, and it’s important to have a well-presented home so that you can bump up your weekly tariff. If you have a cracked shower base or peeling bathtub, renters with ample choice of homes will immediately turn elsewhere. It’s amazing how a new bath or shower base can really enhance an older bathroom and change a person’s perspective on the overall house. And the good news is, it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Repair your old bathtub or shower

Inner Bath can repair your cracked, faded or peeling bath or shower base for a quarter of the price of replacing it. How do we manage this? By inserting an acrylic liner over the top of your existing bath or shower base. The gap between your old base and the new liner is filled with two-part polyurethane expanding foam to stabilise the sturdy acrylic liner and provide superior insulation (so bath water stays hotter for longer – making your property more energy efficient too!). It’s simple, quick and leaves your bath or shower looking brand new again! Still unsure how it works? Watch our quick video; it outlines the process in a handful of easy steps.

Zero downtime between tenants.

You might be worried that you’ll need to block out weeks of tenant occupancy to undergo repairs to your bathroom, but this isn’t the case! When you choose to reline your bath or shower base with Inner Bath, the process can be completed in just three hours, and the bath or shower is ready to be used the very next morning. We don’t use any harmful chemicals in our bathtub and shower relining process, so there’s no need for anyone to vacate the premises during installation, either. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Increasing the rent on your investment property

Repairing your property’s bathroom will drastically increase its overall value. This means that raising the weekly tariff on your rental is possible. Potential tenants spoilt for choice on the rental market will always choose a well-presented home that they know does not need immediate repairs over one that appears old and rundown. Lengthy repairs disrupt their lifestyle and if it’s a hassle that they know they can live without, they will. With a new bath or shower base, the entire bathroom will look far more inviting. Remember, no one wants to wash in a bathroom that makes them feel unclean!

Interested in raising the value of your investment property? Contact Inner Bath today for hassle-free bathroom repairs. We specialise in shower base repairs and bathtub relining installation in all major Australian cities.