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5 Budget Friendly Ways to Modernise a Dated Bathroom

5 Budget Friendly Ways to Modernise a Dated Bathroom
September 10, 2023 andrew

The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, however, if your bathroom is in good condition but is just looking a little tired, there’s a few simple and affordable things you can do to bring it back to life without undertaking a costly overhaul. Inner Bath specialises in long-term bathtub relining solutions, a cost-effective alternative to a complete renovations and longer-lasting than traditional, temporary bath resurfacing fixes. If you are looking to smarten up your bathroom without breaking the bank, here are a few affordable ideas transform your space from drab to fab.

Replace your fixtures

A simple and affordable way to update the overall aesthetics of your bathroom is to replace the fixtures. Contemporary tapware in sleek black or chic chrome is readily available from bathroom suppliers and some hardware stores and can completely transform the look and feel of your room.  A large modern shower head adds a sense of luxury and changing complementary fittings such as towel rails and toilet roll holders also makes a huge difference for a relatively small investment.

Update with modern lighting

In modern bathrooms a lighting design plan that features a range of layers is a big priority, however, in older bathrooms lighting was often an afterthought. There is a wide array of contemporary bathroom lighting styles that are available to suit all budgets and interior design themes. Replace your dated light fixtures with modern downlights, wall sconces or a dramatic pendant for a touch of elegance. If the cost of new lights and the associated electrical labour is out of your budget, simply changing from yellow bulbs and fluorescent lighting to cool white LED globes is a very cost-effective way to achieve a more modern feel.

De-clutter the room

One thing contemporary bathrooms all have in common is their minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and feeling of space. Removing clutter and utilising smart storage and organisation systems is another easy and affordable way to give your bathroom a modern lift. Store toiletries and cosmetics in containers under the basin or in drawers. If you are pressed for storage, add an inexpensive freestanding shelving unit or wall-hung shelves if space permits. Organising your bathroom will give an instant contemporary feel, and it can be done for next to nothing.

Refresh your accessories

Updating little details can make a huge difference. The key to modernisation is to use a cohesive colour palette and this can be done by simply selecting an on-trend colour and using this hue throughout the room. Replacing your tired old bath mat and towels is a sure-fire way to make your bathroom look and feel newer. To really elevate the space and bring a hint of luxury, invest in good quality tactile touches with beautiful patterns or colours as they will be sure to add character and sophistication to your bathroom.

Restore instead of replace

Updating doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be ripped out and replaced. Bathroom resurfacing is surging in popularity right now. Not only much more cost-effective than renovating, it’s much more convenient as you won’t be left without a usable bathroom for weeks or months. If your bath and shower are starting to show their age, replacing them will likely run into the thousands. Have your bath and shower professionally relined, this is a long-lasting and mess-free alternative to bathtub resurfacing which uses sprays and harsh chemicals. While there may be some DIY bath resurfacing products in the market, it’s best to leave any form of relining or bathroom resurfacing to the professionals to ensure the best result.

Inner Bath is Australia’s specialists in bath and shower relining. Using innovative technology, our re-lining service will revitalise your bathroom, giving it the clean, fresh and modern feel you are looking for at a fraction of the price of a bathroom renovation. It will also outlast traditional bathroom resurfacing methods. For more information or for a free quote get in touch with us online or call us today on 1300 BATHTUB (1300 228 488).