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Hotel Guest Horror Stories

Hotel Guest Horror Stories
December 19, 2019 Inner Bath

Hotels tend to bring out the ‘interesting’ sides of each and every guest. We’ve decided to collate a list of some of the strangest stories hotel staff have been witness to during their careers.

Pile of Coleslaw

A housekeeper approached a room to clean it not long after the guests had checked out. Almost immediately, she was met with, what she described, a very ‘funky’ smell but was unable to find the source of it. As she proceeded to tidy the room, she stripped the sheets from the bed and found it was filled with coleslaw. The hotel staff never learned where the coleslaw had come from and, more importantly, why it was in the bed.

Mayo Madness

A saucy surprise was found by a cleaner in an Australian hotel. While cleaning the room, the cleaner discovered the bathroom floor, walls and mirror had all been covered in mayonnaise with no explanation!

The Real ‘Hangover’

When a rowdy buck’s party check-in, hotel staff always know there cannot be anything good to come out of the aftermath. Dreading the cleanup, the hotel cleaner opened the door to be greeted with a goat dressed like Abraham Lincoln.

The Upside Down

When a ‘big name band’ decided to stay at a luxury hotel and with no noise complaints, they seemed to be dream guests! However, it turned out to be far too good to be true. After the band checked out, the hotel staff went to tidy the room and found each and every piece of furniture had been nailed to the ceiling in almost the same configuration that it was in on the floor.

Smells Fishy

After receiving multiple complaints from other guests about a fishy scent coming from another room within the hotel. The staff scoured the room multiple times searching for the origin of the foul smell that continued to get worse. After months of leaving the room open to ‘air out’ and deodorising it with no success, the staff finally tracked the smell to the table lamp. The last guest to stay in the room had broken the lamp, put a fish inside and glued it back together.

Kitty Cat Galore

A lady left a $100 tip with a note saying ‘thanks for taking care of them, we’ll be back in a week!’ at the reception when she checked out. Inside the room were cats everywhere to be seen. Unfortunately, the lady never returned to the room to collect them.

Kidding Around

When hotel staff heard the cries of a baby coming from a room which had recently been checked out of, they immediately opened the door to find a baby lying on the bed. Upon closer inspection, the baby turned out to be a robot/fake baby that was left behind by guests attending a medical convention.

Unfortunately for most hotel staff, these stories are quite tame! Ask any Hotel Manager and they will tell you, there are some very weird but also some wonderful people out there.