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Hotel trends for 2020

Hotel trends for 2020
January 22, 2020 Inner Bath

As we enter a new year and decade, we are destined to see a wave of new trends throughout every industry.

Working in hotels, it is crucial to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to customer preferences as being on-trend can end up being the decision-maker between you and a competitor. Keeping your hotel bathrooms looking fresh and modern with fantastic relining services is our game at InnerBath, helping you to step into any new era that you may be entering. We have put together a list of the top hotel trends for 2020 so that you can stay up to date!


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New technologies are always being created and developed in our fast-moving times, and the hotel industry has not been off-limits to these new innovations! Automating tasks to improve the efficiency of hotel processes like bookings, check-ins, ordering room services and check-outs are little conveniences that will become a standard in 2020. Not only will guests love these futuristic features, but they should also help you to improve your operational efficiency.


Guests no longer look to buy a plane ticket and book a few nights in a nice resort; they are after more for their journey. Buying into an experience is becoming increasingly popular, whether it be a unique hotel theme or a hotel that embodies the cultures from its country of origin. Enhancing your current brand to become more of experience could help you to stand out in 2020.


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A trend that we will see across many industries, sustainability is a big-ticket trend in 2020. Sustainability is beneficial not only for your business but the planet too! Offering recyclable toiletries, limiting plastic use, using energy-efficient lighting and investing in solar energy are all examples of simple switches you can make to become more sustainable. But how will your guests know that you’ve made the switch? Including these features and your commitment to sustainability on your website and listings are both good, paper-free ways to keep them in the loop!

Social Media and Online Presence

The digital age requires you to be not only present online but also active. Only having a simple webpage will make your business hard to find, and it will fade into the back pages of search engines. Being active on your website and social media with new content is a great way to build awareness and interact with your guests.

Trends come and go, but keeping your rooms up to date will always be a necessity. At InnerBath, our relining services will help your bathrooms to enter any new stage in your hotel’s life. Our services can be completed in as little time as in between check in’s meaning relining is always the better option for your busy schedule. If you are noticing yellowing or cracks in your showers or baths, we are the go-to, contact us today!