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Space Saving Hacks for Small Bathrooms

Space Saving Hacks for Small Bathrooms
February 2, 2020 Inner Bath

Making the most of your bathroom is important when you are limited by space. Smaller living spaces like apartments and hotels require a little bit of extra planning to ensure that your space can be organised as well as store all the products that you need. Clutter and disarray in a small space can make it feel even smaller, so it is important to design for this problem. At InnerBath, we like to help your bathroom look its best, that is why we have put together this list of space-saving hacks for small bathrooms.

Use your vertical space

We often only put storage solutions on the floor space that we have available in the form of cabinets or baskets. When space is a limited resource, putting storage items on the floor can make the room feel even smaller as it even further reduces space to move around. Hanging storage solutions like shelves and wall-mounted cabinets help you to maximise both your storage and floor space. You can also hang smaller items on the wall using a wide range of tools from magnetic strips to adhesive hooks. A picture shelf is a unique, subtle option that you can place above your sink to store small items like toothbrushes and optimise your counter space for what you really need it for. Vertical storage draws the eye upward, making your space not only functional but appear larger and more stylish.

Multifunctionality is key

When you are pushed for space, you should make sure that the items you do choose to include are the most efficient option. Having pieces that serve multiple purposes will help you to make the place more functional in fewer steps. Having a mirror with storage is a way to hide away extra bits and pieces in a sleek and subtle way, perfect for any small bathroom! Another handy multifunctional item is a towel rack with an additional shelf to keep extra toiletries at the ready.

Have a system

Keeping a system to organise small items will help you to keep your place tidy more regularly. Clutter can make any room feel stressful and crowded and even more so when the room is already lacking space! Designating drawers to different purposes or people who use the bathroom will help to make cleaning up quicker and simpler. Using labels can help to train you into best using your organisation system. If you are sharing a bathroom, labelled towel hangers can help you to reduce your laundry mix-ups as well as keep them up off of the floor, once again saving your valuable floor space!

Keeping your bathroom looking great is our forte at InnerBath. If you have a small space, your bath or shower may very well be the focal point of the room. Making sure that the lining is fresh is a great way to keep your place modern and clean for less! If your bath or shower is looking yellow or cracked, contact us today!