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The Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends of 2017

The Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends of 2017
December 13, 2017 Inner Bath

It’s that time of year again – time to bid farewell to the year of 2017! But before we do so, let’s take a moment to have a look back over some of this year’s leading trends in bathroom design. Whether you’re looking at modernising or refurbishing your existing bathroom, or building a beautiful new one from scratch, you can draw inspiration from any (or all) of the following luxurious designs.

1. A Private Getaway

The bathroom is no longer a purely practical space within your home; it has become a space where you want to spend a little extra downtime. Whether this is having a long, peaceful soak in your bathtub, or sitting down in front of an inbuilt vanity to get ready for the day, bathrooms have become our private escapes.

2. Mixed Metals

With rose gold leading the way in 2016, it’s no surprise that mixed metals have ruled 2017. From a subtle pewter to an eye-catching matte brass, there is more than just silver and gold to choose from. And don’t shy away from mixing your metals: matching features are oh so last season.

3. High-End Features

This year has seen an increasing number of luxurious features popping up in Australian bathrooms. With the desire to transform bathrooms into private getaways, more homeowners have been splurging on beautiful one-off fittings and features.

4. A Pop of Pattern and Colour

Say goodbye to matching monochrome and hello to all the colours of the rainbow! 2017 has seen the rise of patterned and coloured tiles in the bathroom. Whether it’s on the walls or floor, there are no rules when it comes to injecting patterns and colours into your bathroom. With Pantone announcing “Greenery” as their colour of the year, it’s no surprise that we have seen all shades of green taking over.

5. Setting the Mood with Dark Walls

In contrast to pops of colour, dark walls have been equally as popular as a bold feature in bathrooms. Wallpaper or dark tiles give you plenty of textures to play with. If you want to give your bathroom a sleek and sexy feel, this is the way to do it.

6. Freestanding Vanities

What’s old is new once again! Freestanding, custom vanities have been the ultimate way to add a bit of character to any bathroom over the past year. This look isn’t just for old Queenslanders or period homes either; you can also achieve a modern, clean look with a Scandinavian style piece.

7. Greenery

Houseplants are no longer relegated to the living room or outside deck. Indoor greenery has had a massive moment in 2017, and the bathroom is no exception. This ties back to making the bathroom a place you want to be, rather than just a room where you brush your teeth and take a quick shower.

8. Personal Touches

No longer is a bathroom a space void of personal touches. From stand-out light fittings to statement stools and artwork, all of these extra elements tell a story and add a whole lot of personality.

9. Rounded Shapes

Circular shapes have been a leading design trend for the past year. Everything from basins to mirrors have ditched sharp corners in favour of a softer rounded finish. By no means is a softer look boring, with round mirrors being a key statement piece in any bathroom.

10. Organic Textures

Following suit with greenery and rounded shapes are organic textures. From stone basins to wooden vanities and even all-natural, locally made soaps and bath products, there are plenty of options to add an organic touch to any bathroom.

What has been your favourite bathroom trend in 2017? If you are looking at sprucing up your bathroom in the new year, and have a bathtub in need of a little TLC contact us today!