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Hotel Bath Repair - Replace Baths Quickly and Cheaply with Inner Bath

Hotel Bath Repair – Replace Baths Quickly and Cheaply with Inner Bath
April 8, 2019 Inner Bath

After clean sheets, there’s nothing that can make or break a hotel guest room like the appearance of a bath or shower. Feeling like you wouldn’t want to step into either one puts a dampener on your stay pretty quickly. The bathroom is often a hot topic in bad reviews, so we know how inviting and aesthetic this space must be to ensure potential customers want to stay with your hotel!

Don’t let a cracked or stained bath be the reason why your hotel isn’t receiving stellar reviews from guests or turning them away before they even step foot in the door. Here at Inner Bath, we understand the necessity of maintaining a fresh and clean bathroom, and how a pristine white bath can be just the thing that your guests need, to truly relax and unwind.

And what if we told you there’s a way to get your bath looking like new again, and ready for use the very next morning, in less than 3 hours? Inner Bath is here to help!

Dressed to Impress – The Inner Bath Instant Makeover

Affordable and high-quality hotel bath repairs.

Give your guests the royal treatment with Inner Bath’s acrylic bath insert solution, which turns your cracked or stained bath into a symbol of luxury. In under 3 hours, we can install an acrylic bath insert over your existing bath, that is moulded to fit your bath’s specific foundation. With our Inner Bath liner, you can transform your bath into a pristine oasis that is sure to impress your guests – in no time at all.

A budget option but a long-term solution

Affordable and high-quality hotel bath repairs.

If you’re in charge of managing a hotel, chances are that when it comes to daily maintenance tasks, you have a to-do list as long as your arm. Too many rooms requiring too many repairs, and never enough time to get around to them all. Bath repairs are one of those maintenance tasks that are a necessary evil and tend to be costly and time-consuming. And that’s not even mentioning the three day wait post-repair before the room can be rented out again.

Inner Bath can install our long-lasting, non-slip acrylic insert over your bath so you never have to worry about replacing it again. No re-tiling or plumbing is required for the installation, and no toxic chemicals are used, which means that in under 3 hours, your bath is ready for use the following morning.

With our 10-year guarantee, your freshly lined bath can be enjoyed by guests for years to come. And the best part? It comes at a quarter of the cost of total bath replacement, which means you’ll save precious pennies for all those other maintenance tasks we know you have.

Inner Bath is Australia’s leading bath relining service provider. Visit our website to find out more about our high-quality bath inserts, or contact us today to fix your cracked or stained bathtub!