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10 Must-Have Bathroom Products (On A Budget)

10 Must-Have Bathroom Products (On A Budget)
August 8, 2018 Inner Bath

The bathroom needs to be one of the most functional, clean and organised rooms in your home. A lot of important stuff goes on in the bathroom. But grooming doesn’t have to be a totally serious, sterile business. Adding a few products into your bathroom repertoire that are both functional and fun or stylish, will give this palace of makeovers the ultimate facelift. And the good news is, you don’t have to sell a kidney to afford them!

Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker

Who doesn’t love singing in the shower? Or adorable little sea creatures like Flounder from The Little Mermaid? Well, now you can have both in the one package! Speaker Creatures are waterproof silicon Bluetooth speakers that can be taken in the shower with you. They suction onto your shower screen and have a thirty-foot range, so your smartphone stays nice and dry. You can even answer calls from them if you wish! Perfect for adults who need backup vocals during their shower singalong, or kids who struggle to enjoy bath time!

Bath caddy

Bath caddies are an essential accessory for an evening of relaxation in the tub. They’ll hold your glass of pinot, your book, a back scrubber and a candle whose light you can read by – perfection! You can pick one up for a competitive price at Bed, Bath and Table, or get a little creative and make one yourself, with all the configurations you need for the ultimate pamper-fest!

Quirky shower curtain

Give your guests something to smile at when they come to visit! We love this shower curtain that reminds us of the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Stylish and subtle non-slip mat

Non-slip mats and treads for your bath and shower don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb! Try purchasing a clear mat with a subtle pattern that flows with the tiles in your shower or base of your bathtub. It’ll look great and provide the safety and security you need!

Silicone drain catcher

These cute little starfish are so nifty and easy to use! Suction pads hold the starfish directly above the drain in your bath or shower, to catch all that irritating hair that frequently clogs your plumbing. Avoid the gross task of pulling loose hair from your drains with these handy little accessories!

Extra, space efficient shelving

No matter how many cupboards you have in your bathroom, it just never seems to be enough! If you have a growing family, or children reaching their teenage years, you’ll often find that the shelves are overflowing with more and more products. Luckily, there are a few affordable and accessible storage solutions available that make good use of space so that your bathroom can remain organised and uncluttered. Try these shelves that you can pop over your toilet.

Over-the-door towel hooks

Find yourself hanging your towels over the top of doors, on handles, shelves and even on the coat rack in the hall? Make use of the space you already have and install towel hooks on the back of your bathroom door. Renters can find over-the-door hooks that you don’t have to hammer in permanently.

Matching soap caddy, hand soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

There’s something fulfilling about having a matching basin set! And gee there’s a huge variety of styles to pick from! Head to KMart or Bed, Bath and Table to pick up a set that suits your decor – from minimalist dark stoneware to glitzy crystal or boho rainbow patterns; there’s something for everyone!

Luxurious assortment of bath bombs, salts and soaps

What’s an opulent relaxation haven without an array of gloriously soothing bath salts, bombs and soaps? LUSH’s gift packs are notoriously amazing and come with a variety of products that smell lovely, look like a galaxy dissolving in your bath, and are made from all natural ingredients. So why not treat yourself?

Brand new bathtub liner

If your bathtub is starting to look a little worse for wear, with peeling paint or a corroded and cracked surface, it’s time for the ultimate facelift on a budget: relining. An acrylic bathtub liner will slot over the top of your old bath surface. It’s affordable to purchase, easy to install and a delight to use! Contact Inner Bath today to find out more!