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Prefabricated vs building on site - what are the ideal bathrooms for hotels?

Prefabricated vs building on site – what are the ideal bathrooms for hotels?
September 3, 2019 Inner Bath

It’s a saying as old as construction itself – time is money. Hotel owners and developers would understand this phrase better than anyone. Streamlining hotel construction is a primary focus these days as delays in opening often cause owners and developers to lose money.

Nowadays, prefabricated bathrooms are often used in place of traditional building methods, that is, on-site building. Inner Bath is here to tell you that regardless of your preference, we can solve your problems with regards to ongoing bath and shower maintenance, so that your hotel bathrooms can remain pristine for years to come. But first, let’s clear the air regarding the terminology.

What are prefabricated bathrooms?

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As the name suggests, prefabricated bathrooms are fabricated off-site. This means the bathtubs are built in a factory to the specifications of each project, including floor plan, size, fit and finish. Absolutely everything is preinstalled in prefabricated bathrooms, including sinks, toilets, mirrors, bathtubs, wall coverings and lighting. The prefab bathrooms are then trucked to the job site, and construction crews crane the ‘pods’ to their new home on the appropriate floor.

By removing the risks associated with working at heights or in poor conditions, modular bathrooms clearly bring a host of benefits to hotel developers and managers when compared with that of building bathrooms on site.

When modular makes sense

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Developers and builders are now finding that bathrooms are often the prime culprit in delayed hotel openings. The bathroom requires 10 or more construction trades to take place at any one time, and this is where the delays can pile up. Hotel developers are starting to gravitate towards modular bathrooms now as the whole bathroom can be built offsite, in a ‘pod’. Once complete, the ‘pods’ are lifted into the hotel and set in place in each room. It should be noted that removing bathtub construction from the site can also reduce workers’ compensation rates and has the potential to decrease the risk of OH&S violations.

As an owner or developer of hotels, prefabricated modular bathrooms can help you shave months off your construction schedule. They can help you save time, money, heartache and hassle that traditional construction can give rise to. However, both traditionally constructed bathrooms and pre-fabbed units both will need maintenance and repair at some point. Regardless of what you choose to do, at some point down the track, repairs will be unavoidable.

Inner Bath is able to reline baths and showers in a matter of hours so they’re ready for use the following morning. That means you never have to worry again about prolonged delays before hotel rooms are ready for guest use (remember, time equals money). We’ve installed bath and shower liners of exceptional quality for easy bathroom repair and restoration in many leading brand name hotels, regardless of whether the bathrooms were prefabricated or constructed on site.

Contact us today if your hotel baths and showers are in need of an instant makeover!