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Top Tips to Look After Your Shower Screen

Top Tips to Look After Your Shower Screen
June 30, 2020 andrew

Whether frameless or semi frameless, custom glass shower screens give your shower a professional and luxurious look and suit any modern bathroom. While they can come with a high price tag, the good news is, with a little regular maintenance and cleaning you can protect your investment and keep it looking good for years to come. At Inner Bath, we are the bath and shower repair company Brisbane homes and hotels trust for high quality shower repair solutions. Here’s a few handy hints and tips that that will keep your shower screen in top condition.

Use Natural Products

Many cleaning products contain harsh chemical ingredients that can damage your glass as well as pose a potential threat to your health. Luckily, there are now a number of all natural glass and shower products readily available from supermarkets and hardware stores, or you can even make your own cleaning solution by mixing one-part vinegar and one-part water in a spray bottle. Simply rinse, spray and then use a non-abrasive cloth to clean your shower screen. Natural cleaning products work incredibly well and are perfectly safe to use.

Prevent Soap Deposits

It’s only natural that shower screens will get wet and soapy, but the key to shower screen maintenance is to remove the water and soap from the glass after every shower. If you don’t, you will end up with stubborn soap and hard-to-clean mineral deposits everywhere. By simply rinsing and drying your shower screen after every use, you can minimise your cleaning efforts and screen damage significantly. All you need is a gentle stream of mildly warm water, a squeegee and a soft, dry rag.

Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains happen when the water from your shower leaves behind mineral deposits on surfaces like your shower screen doors. Regular shower cleaning should ensure these stains don’t build up and become problematic, however, if you’ve left them for too long, you can still remove them by:

  • Soaking the area in vinegar for 1-2 hours before wiping clean
  • If that doesn’t work, try doing it again with baking soda added
  • For really stubborn hard water stains, use a cleaner specifically for this purpose

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools

You should never use rough bristles and scrubbing brushes on your shower screens. These can create scratches and erosion. Soft cloths will ensure the best results and avoid abrasion, scratching and damage. Choose a fabric that is suited for cleaning glass and mirrors, as this type of cloth won’t leave fluff residue behind that can make your shower screen look foggy and dirty.

Improve Ventilation

If you want to prevent mould growth in your shower and bathroom, excellent airflow is essential. Humidity provides the ideal environment for mould to grow and thrive, so avoiding it is a must for proper shower care. Appropriate ventilation is crucial in keeping your shower screen and surfaces dry so keep your bathroom windows and doors open during the day (especially if you have small bathroom windows) and always use an extraction fan when showering, to remove any steam and humidity in the air.

A grimy shower screen can negatively impact the appearance of your entire bathroom, making it feel dirty and old despite your cleaning efforts. By following the above maintenance tips, you can keep your shower screens sparkling, so that they can serve you for longer.

If your shower is looking tired and no amount of cleaning will approve its appearance, get in touch with the team at Inner Bath today. We are Australia’s specialists in shower relining and shower repairs. Don’t replace your whole shower, let our expert technicians restore your shower with quality and style so it looks as good as new. Call us today on 1300 BATHTUB or contact us online.